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At Capital Advances your submissions are a priority. We work diligently to push out offers that sell! You can expect an offer in as little as 3 hours.

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We pay 10 points on all deals and pay out after 1 cleared payment! We also have bonus structures available to ISOs funding at least 150k a month with us.

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With us, your renewals are secure. Our automated CRM will notify you when a deal is eligible for renewal. We also pay full commission on renewals.

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Capital Advances High-Risk Product

This product is exclusive to merchants with troubled payment histories, previous defaults, and restricted industries. COVID had a drastic effect on businesses so we’re expanding our parameters to provide merchants an opportunity to rebuild their MCA history.


Capital Advances Micro Loans

Our micro loans are geared toward merchants whose time in business is at least 3 months and revenue is below 20,000. We understand that securing funding for young businesses is challenging. Which is what led us to create this product.

Capital Advances Consolidations

This product is for merchants with multiple positions who need immediate relief. We can roll in all of their existing advances into a single advance with a longer term, freeing up anywhere between 25-50% of their daily payment.

Message From Our Founder

With years of experience in the Alternative Lending industry, you can rest assured that we understand what works and what doesn’t. As we celebrate the evolution of our brand, we wish to welcome you all to work with us to cultivate meaningful relationships in this space. At Capital Advances we understand the time and effort you put forth in the files you submit, and we want you to know that we will match that same tenacity with hard work and realistic offers that sell! We appreciate the partnership we have with our Partners and look forward to working together to grow and learn. Our goal is to build a reliable and respectable brand in the Alternative Lending space, and that starts with each one of you.


We are a Direct Funder. We fund the merchants no one else will. Don’t miss out, partner now! | 833-FUND-321 | Fax: 954-541-9468
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